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Steal These 80+ Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Marketing Open Rate!

Steal These 80+ Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Marketing Open Rate!

Steal these 80+ Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Marketing, and use them as you see fit, … no strings attached 😉😊

Email isn’t dead! If you’ve been sending out email and hearing crickets, it’s probably your subject line! Getting that right is super important if you want people to actually read your emails.

💌Good news: I've got 80+ awesome email subject lines that'll make your inbox to help you increase your open rate!😃 These are split across 7 groups:

  1. Introducing Yourself to New Customers

  2. Announcing a New Offer or Promo

  3. Sharing Solutions to Problems

  4. Educating Your Audience

  5. Breaking Down Myths

  6. Humanising Your Brand and

  7. Entertaining Your Audience

So here we go ...

Introducing Yourself to New Customers

  • Hello [Customer Name], Welcome to [Your Brand]!

  • First Time Here? Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves.

  • You're In! What To Expect from [Your Brand].

  • Get Acquainted: Your Guide to All Things [Brand].

  • Meet [Your Brand]: Where Quality Meets Excellence.

  • Unlock Exclusive Perks as a New [Your Brand] Customer.

  • Discover the [Your Brand] Experience.

  • New to [Your Brand]? Here's What You Need to Know.

  • Get to Know Us: A Welcome Message from [Your Brand].

  • Welcome to the [Your Brand] Family!

Announcing a New Offer or Promo

  • Unlock 30% Savings—Today Only!

  • Your Exclusive Discount Awaits.

  • Big Savings Inside: Don’t Miss Out!

  • Ready. Set. SALE!

  • Final Hours: Claim Your Discount Now.

  • VIP Sale Alert: You’re Invited.

  • Flash Sale: Get It Before It’s Gone.

  • Today’s Deal: A Surprise Just For You!

  • Upgrade Your Life with Our Limited-Time Sale.

  • Exclusive Promo: Act Fast, [Customer Name]!

  • First Dibs on Our Newest Deals!

  • Today Only: Your VIP Access to Major Discounts.

Sharing Solutions to Problems

  • Struggling with [Problem]? We’ve Got the Solution.

  • Quick Fixes for Your [Problem].

  • How to Finally Overcome [Common Problem].

  • Say Goodbye to [Problem] Forever!

  • Get Relief from [Problem] Now.

  • We Heard You: Solutions to [Customer Concern].

  • Your [Problem] Ends Today.

  • Find Your Solution to [Problem] in 3 Easy Steps.

  • Make [Problem] a Thing of the Past.

  • Unlock the Secret to Fixing [Problem].

  • Ready for a Breakthrough? Solve [Problem] Now.

  • Your [Problem] Solved with Our New Guide.

Educating Your Audience

  • Boost Your [Topic] Skills Now!

  • Unlock the Secrets of [Topic].

  • Become an Expert: Your [Topic] Masterclass.

  • Insider Tips on [Topic] You Can’t Miss.

  • The Ultimate Guide to [Topic].

  • Up Your [Topic] Game with This Guide.

  • Learn the ABCs of [Topic].

  • Essential [Topic] Hacks You Need.

  • 5 Tips for Mastering [Topic].

  • Your [Topic] Questions, Answered.

  • Get Smarter About [Topic]—Today.

  • Explore the World of [Topic].

  • Get the Facts: Your [Topic] Cheat Sheet.

  • A Deep Dive into [Topic].

Breaking Down Myths

  • Debunking Common Myths about [Topic].

  • The Real Truth About [Topic].

  • Time to Rethink [Myth].

  • The Untold Truth of [Topic].

  • Busting [Topic] Myths: Get the Facts.

  • What You Thought You Knew About [Topic].

  • Revealed: The Truth Behind [Topic].

  • Myth vs. Reality: The [Topic] Edition.

  • Dispel [Topic] Misconceptions Today.

  • Myth Busted: What [Topic] Really Means.

  • Breaking Down [Topic] Misunderstandings.

  • Fact or Fiction? [Topic] Myths Debunked.

  • See the Truth: [Topic] Myths Busted.

Humanising Your Brand

  • Meet the Team: The Faces Behind [Your Brand].

  • A Day in the Life at [Your Brand].

  • We're Not Just a Brand, We're a Family.

  • What Makes [Your Brand] Tick.

  • Get to Know the Heart of [Your Brand].

  • Behind-the-Scenes: A Day at [Your Brand].

  • Who We Are: The Story of [Your Brand].

  • Our Mission: More Than Just a Business.

  • Your Invitation to [Your Brand]’s Open House.

  • Making a Difference: [Your Brand] in the Community.

  • Our Journey: From Garage to Global Brand.

  • Inside [Your Brand]: What Fuels Us.

Entertaining Your Audience

  • Laugh a Little: Your Weekly Dose of Fun!

  • Did You See This? 🤣

  • Get Ready to Smile: A Gift Inside.

  • Time for a Laugh: Weekly Chuckles Ahead.

  • Fun Facts to Brighten Your Day.

  • Beat the Boredom: Activities Inside.

  • Need a Lift? Uplifting Stories Inside.

  • Midweek Mood Booster: Open for a Smile.

  • Brighten Your Day with Our Top Picks.

  • Ready for a Laugh? Don’t Miss This.

  • Dive Into Our Entertainment Vault.

  • Your Monday Pick-Me-Up Inside.

  • Lift Your Spirits: Open Now!

  • Unwind with Our Funniest Moments.

I hope you find these email subject lines helpful! Save, Share, Like, Comment and FOLLOW for more Tips that SELL and ENGAGE


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