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This is who we are!


Cheny Media is a Marketing and Creative Design Agency started by an ambitious entrepreneur who has a passion for all things marketing. Because this entrepreneur is ambitious, she has tried a few projects during the short time she has been an adult, and from experience, one of the biggest challenges affecting Small Business Owners is having a limited budget. This means you don’t have a big marketing budget and you don't have a large team of experts at your disposal but at the same time you need to keep up with the latest innovations in technology and marketing.


So how do you strike a balance between Marketing Packages you can afford and building a High Quality Brand you can be proud of? The answer is simple, you hire a small company of Young, Ambitious and Creative Marketing Professionals, and give them a chance to Blow Your Mind at a Reasonable Budget.

The Team


Charity Mbofana

Charity has vast experience Marketing, Managing and Designing for Brands from various industry sectors. She is passionate about her work and committed to delivering high quality work always.

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Albertina Chikozho.jpeg

Albertina has experience with content development, graphic design as well as development of websites and e-commerce stores. She is a tenacious young lady, who is committed to the completion of her goals and tasks. 

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Albertina Chikozho
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